The Importance Of Video Production For Your Business

The Importance Of Video Production For Your Business

Consumer behaviours have changed dramatically over the past years, the modern buyer now feeds on social media content as a way to engage with a business. Prints, words and graphics can only go so far in showcasing your corporate brand’s personality, interactive media on the other hand is the best way to engage and establish your brand message. That is why video content is undoubtedly the most effective way to capture your audience’s attention.

1. Reach more potential customers

Videos are the most shared pieces of content on social media. Have you ever received a video link from your friend? Or get tagged on Facebook to watch a funny video? That is video marketing at its best. Creating a branding video for your corporate identity or your product will enable you to reach more customers and stand out from the crowd.

2. Increase customer engagement

Every business should have at least one corporate branding video to allow customers and the public to get to know more about their company background, team members and products. On top of that, incorporating video production into your social media strategy is a surefire way to generate interest with your followers and spread awareness for your brand. The fact that everyone is online is another motivating factor that your business should have digitalized content ready for customers to see.

3. Improve business growth


There’s no doubt about it: video is an important part of content marketing and it’s only going to become more essential. Consider these facts:


Currently, the number of companies that intend to get a brand video done up is increasing dramatically. 71% of global companies plan to increase their video marketing budget. A company’s branding is a promise to clients that a product or service will be delivered with the utmost professionalism, reinforce your brand message with video content and introduce your brand to new customers while creating a favorable and lasting impression.

4. Google loves video content!

This is probably the most important reason to integrate video production into your business. A study shows that there are a staggering 6.9 billion searches on Google every day in 2020. Google is designed to get the most relevant information to the user, the more informative Google deems the information or content, the more likely it is going to put it further up the user’s search results. This will dramatically increase your website’s ranking on Google and using videos as an SEO tool is a smart business strategy.

Not to mention, Google owns YouTube – the largest video platform globally with 2 billion users worldwide. Almost 80% of global marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform. Since the acquisition Google algorithms heavily favour video content over text-based.

At APEX Media, we assist companies with comprehensive video production from filming to post production editing. We enable you to convey your brand message perfectly and curate valuable video content for your customers. 



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